Hi, my name is Reine Fabian (you pronounce it Rain). Iʼm fourteen years old and I live in Bergenfield, New Jersey. Iʼm currently a 7th grader in Roy W. Brown Middle School. I didnʼt get left back they didnʼt let me go to 2nd grade because I didnʼt finish the 1st grade in the Philippines, but I only had a week left. Well thatʼs o.k. because if I didnʼt get left back I wouldnʼt have made some great friends like Andre Demonteverde, John Gaylan, and a lot more. (Godʼs plan for me) I live with my Mom, Dad, my brother Rence Fabian, and my baby brother Kyle Fabian. My brothers and I fight a lot, but I still love them very much. I also love my parents very much. Iʼm active in school, sometimes I donʼt do my homework so I get worried how my day is going to turn out. Iʼm trying to do my homework everyday though. I do chorus in St. Johns Youth Choir and CFC/YFC. Iʼm trying to be more active outside of school so next year I might join the drama club. I like to cook, draw, skateboard (little bit), playing video games, and designing.

About camp the person that told me about it was Andre Demonteverde. He told me that it was for the weekend, in a mansion, and that it was going to get very intense. I didnʼt believe him about the camp getting intense. I was wrong. On the first day I thought it was just an ordinary camp to meet new people and be friends with those new people. On the Saturday the skit that was about the seven sins almost got me crying. I thought about all the people I hurt and all the people that hurt me. Writing those names made me cry. Also picturing God in front of me made me cry. When I had to write the letter to my parents I started crying again. I donʼt remember the letter since I forgot.

The songs that taught us were very moving. I couldnʼt resist singing to the songs. After each session I felt myself getting closer to God. The sessions had their own message and lessons. I got to bless the meal and it was very nervous for me because it was my first time blessing the food. I thought I could have done a better job. When I got my one on one with Kuya John I thought that I could talk to him about anything and that I could really open up to him. He was like could go to talk about anything, but as I found out I could to any of the service team leaders and talk about my problem.

At the last day we had one more session. We also had to talk about what we learned in camp. I was the second one to go, but when I got up I wasnʼt that nervous. I remember that I willingly went up to talk about what I learned. After everyone said what they learned it was time for pictures. The brothers went up the stairs with our chant. After the pictures we had to pack up to go home. I didnʼt want to leave because I was going to miss everyone. All in all the CFC/YFC camp was very spiritual, emotional, and very fun.

Camp Let Go, Let God

~Let the teachings guide you, let God guide you, and may the angels watch over you. ~God Bless To All of You~
Reine Fabian
P.S. I love all the people I met. Pray for Anna that she has a safe trip and has a good life in the Philippines. I Love You Anna!


02/13/2008 14:22

Nice message Reine I love you mucho !

Lolita - Melyka
02/17/2008 12:52



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