Hi, my name is Andre Demonteverde. I'm a fourteen year old teen in Bergenfield, New Jersey. I'm currently going to Roy W. Brown Middle School as an 8th grader. I have two sisters that are in college in Austrailia and Phillippines, so I'm living with my parents. I'm ery active outside of school as a choir boy in St. John's Youth Choir, altar server, BHS drama club, SBS ballroom, CFC/YFC, plus a little performing. I also enjoy cooking, singing, dancing, yelling, drawing, designing, and K-pop and other Korean stuff like Super Junior, FIGHTING!

So about CFC, it really helped a lot. When Godwin and Vanessa first told me about the camp for CFC, I first thought woah I get to meet people and get away from my parents, nice! But, when iI finally got to the camp at October I realized that it's not all about getting away, but a way to help us get closer with God. On that Saturday, the skit on the seven sins got me to think so much, all the pain I gave and recieve. The other one was that we need to write to our parents ow we really feel. I could remember my letter exactly how I wrote it and how wet it was because of my tears.

But after on our break, I got closer with the other participants and got closer with my discussion group leader Matt Reyes on our one on one. Then that night, we were praying for the Holy Spirit. Matt was praying over me. I closed my eyes so tight praying. But while i was praying, I saw something i have wished for my whole life. I saw my grandmother that had past away when I was very young right there next to me praying with Matt on the other side and God right in front of me. I had wished for seeing my grandmother again, but I don't recall praying to see her. I saw her praying and drying my tears. When i went up stairs, I knew it was time for a change in me. I once was the spoiled, annoying, untrustworthy kid. But, I have been changed for the best and to get closer with God.

So on the last day of camp, we were getting called up to speak about our changes and what we went through. I was called up second and I was beggin not to because I get really nervous and freeze when I do public speaking. But when i was given the mic, it felt so different, because of the camp I can now speak with no fear, but I still can't sing the best i can in a crowd. As i was talking, I couldn't to help but cry. It was such a big change and it helped me a lot, and i just hope everyone else would go through it too.

Now, the camp from February 1-3, I was visiting since i knew almost all of them. It was a Saturday and Gabe, Nadia, and I came five hours early, so we had to wait for their break. They all came out crying, I don't blame them. When they walked out I knew they were already changing. I love all of them and I couldn't help but treat them like they looked so cute like " AWH YOU GUYS IT'S OK!" Then it was getting dark, so I was called as a prayer warrioir with Gabe and Nadia. Upstairs was where I saw my grandmother again. Then, we were to asked to share with the other warriors and i never thought I could say so much. Kuya Mickey and Gabe was there next to me comforting me while I cried.

When it was time to go down stairs, everyone was in tears again. When we sang our last song, I have never felt so much feeling and spirit there was. Finally, there was the talent show of course. I was singing More Than Words with Nikki Edilor and lipsyncing with A.C., Nadia, and John. Everyone did a great job and it was so fun. Especially the JERSEY BOYS! So on Sunday I was stuck at home, I got phone calls from the people from camp and I heard Nikki talked about me and I was amazed that anyone would ever include me in a speech or anything.

Also, a little more about myself, I have a weird skill of seeing spirits or what ever you call it. Plus Nikki and I get these dreams of almost anything and most of the time its either something weird like holding a big ball and hitting a target or something about the future. Truthfully, I think it's te Holy Spirit of Vision and Prophecy, but it's just a guess. But in the other hand, this CFC/YFC group helped me a lot and I would like to thank you for reading my very long entry. I hope those who are not in CFC/YFC are inspired to come join as well

~May the Angels Watch Over You Forever And God's Blessings Guide You~

 Andre Demonteverde

I Love You Camp Yoooouuuu & Let Go, Let God


kuya Mickey
02/12/2008 06:57

I am so proud of you... and
We are bless to see God's Hand mold you in his image.

We are blessed to learn from your sharing

02/13/2008 14:23

Andre i love your 6th paragraph just to make you feel happier =b

03/13/2011 20:21

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