This past weekend,February 1-3,2008, there was a youth camp that had taken place in south jersey. In all, 17 participants had participated in the weekend camp,as well as 10 service team members. What I had experienced that weekend was so amazing. God has truely worked through all of us that weekend. That monday after the camp, i still felt that energy created over the weekend. Personally I didn't want the camp to end, and neither did the participants. From the first night they spent together, till the last afternoon where they shared their experiences, they got closer and closer to each other.

At first, the participants weren't as pumped up as we say. But I wouldn't blame them, mostly because it is their first time going to a youth camp and meeting new people there. But overtime, they started to be more friendly with everyone and started to develop bonds with each other. And by the time Sunday afternoon came, they didn't want to become seperated from each other.

During the reflections and most of the  activities, I can see and hear the participants,especially the sisters, cry as they think about how God as done a lot of things for them and realizing that they don't do the right things to show their love back. But even though they have shown how negativively they have been, they have learned about the positive things that God has given them, like learning about God's love and his plan for them.

This camp couldn't have been done without the service team with the help of the parent coordinators. Being one of the people on the service team, I know we have worked hard on showing these participants about what God wants them to learn. From the day of the mock camp till the last Sunday afternoon, the service team has stuck together through thick and thin. God's love and mercy has flowed through us throughout the whole weekend while he guides us as the service team does their talks and sharings. The love became as great as it can on Saturday night during a service team meeting. What happened in their was so undescribeable that got so many chills from giving my all to God. One of the sisters in their had told me that she had saw God in her mind as we had gone through our worship. From that I can tell that God was truely there in our presence blessing each and every one of us and just molding our hearts so that it can become like his. Overall, I'm just blessed that this service team as stuck together to tell God's word to these participants.

Just to end all of this, I want everybody who is reading this to know that God can truely make things happen if you do believe that it can. I also want to say that if there is any participant, or even anyone in general, to just continue to become that man or woman of God, and to not afraid to show that you are in the real world.

God Bless
Godwin Cajes,Service Team Member,
Team Winky-Winky


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