Welcome to the new CFC Youth NJ web page site! This is where you find out everything that's going down in the garden state. You can find everything from upcoming events, to news from around the community, and different videos and pictures from different events that took place. Let me just say something about myself just to start off.
    So, where should i start? I'm 14 years old, which means I'm a freshman. I go to school at Bergenfield High School in North Jersey. I've been in the community for almost 3 years (yes that is a long time). I'm part of the music ministry as a singer and we play for most of the meetings and the camps.

    About two or three years ago, like i said, I was introduced into the community. Ever since I've grown so much with God's love. But somethimes i feel like sometimes i don't feel that growth because of the way that I act outside of the community. Other than that, I keep my faith with God.

Well, I don't know anything else to talk about, even though that little paragraph about my faith was short. Oh well.

God Bless,


Kuya Mickey
01/26/2008 18:53

Great Sharing Godwin!!

We are blessed to have you in the community. Keep up the good work.

01/23/2009 16:31

i loveee how theres a million sharings on this one page and a total of 5 comments.


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