Let me tell you a little about myself before I go on about camp. I am a fourteen year old girl who is in eight grade. Dancing is a passion for me and singing and playing sports are other hobbies I enjoy. I am in my school band, and I play the flute. I am active in my church community with the youth choirs, CCD, gathering events, and alter serving. I have a loving family with my parents and an older brother, so you can say I am the baby. So I think that’s enough information you should know about me and I’ll start to talk about camp Let go, Let God.

When I got invited to CFC-Youth camp, I thought it would just be like a hanging out camping trip. With other teenagers and without your parents, that had fun written all over it. Instead, it turned out to be something better. When I first walked into those doors to the camp, I felt something warm cover me. I met new sisters and brothers, I became more outgoing, and most of all my relationship with God grew.
The service team was so nice and comforting that I could tell them anything about me and they would understand. Their discussions and my discussion group made me emotional and mostly brought tears of joy. When we sang the worship songs I felt like we were all one and we were strong, and we did have fun with games where we had to work together.

Going to a camp with teenagers that can feel the same way you do and that has problems too, makes you feel like you’re not alone. CFC-Youth teaches you that God will always forgive you and that he will always be with you. Everything you do is mostly God's plan, but all you have to do is make the right choises.

So now after the camp, I bless every meal I have, even if it is just a yogurt cup and I pray to God every moment I am alone with him. Temptations of the old person I use to be still come but I have my brothers and sisters to help me out. Since I am now apart of CFC-Youth I decided I want to be active and be apart of bringing joy to other teens just like the service team did for me.

God bless,
Christine Alvarez
P.S. I love my brothers and sisters, and pray for Anna so she can start her new life in the Philippines well.


02/10/2008 18:29

This sister is just so amazing and sooo inspiring. =]

christine alvarez
02/10/2008 18:40

Godwin ! you spelled my last name wrong its alvarez =b

kuya Mickey
02/12/2008 07:07


I am thankful for having to see you in the camp. Most of all, you have a prayerful heart... and i am confident that God will use that gift to reach out to others.

Pray for us Sister Chris...
Thank you for praying for Anna...
We miss you Anna (GO LYNDHURST BEARS)!!!

09/26/2012 08:48

good one info dude


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