Sooo.this is raubel aka pogz. i really think i should change my nickname to something more realistic. right? haha i think about it more. so if some of you guys don't know me, im 17 and im going to be a senior this coming school year. I've been in this community for a while, maybe like 4 years? i was in camp word is bond! And florida conference was my 4th conference. MAN i feel old. im start all my paragraphs with "so" because i'm cool like that.

so anyways the week before conference was so long and difficult. I've been going through friend and family problems. I've been noticing that i've been a person that i wouldn't wanna be. I've been hurting people with jokes i sometimes OD.I've been praying so hard how to become a better brother to the CFC youth and to other people. And also to my family, especially my parents. A few days before i was going to go to florida, me and my parents had a little fight. And i hate fighting with my parents. But then we became cool. i forgot what we were fighting about. and i have problems with girls, i keep on geting rejected! not really geting rejected but like, ther all going away with other dudes!. but anyways. not like u ppl care right.hahaha

already in love-passion. thats song is what im going though haha. be anyways, back to business.

soo hours before going to florida, i was thinking about what i was going to deal with during conference. this year, i wanted to be focus and actually take something back. so the whole conference was fun, meeting new ppl, seeing old friends, talks, fellowship and worship.They were all great. And i love the theme love. and i see in new jersey, how much love we have with one another. We're a big family. And i love that feeling. I couldn't feel that love before. In my 4 years of being in this community, this is my favorite year and my favorite conference. This conference was very different for me for some reason. I think it was because of you guys. on how close we are. do you feel the love, cause i do.haha but on the real. i love you guys so much. you guys are the reason i go to these yfc meetings. You guys give me hope. And we're so coool! but anyways saturday night worship was crazy. It was like my first time ever crying mad hard. yes, i said it. i CRIED. haha. but on the real that night was a wake up call. during worship, all i was thinking about was my parents.and it made me cry so much because i just remembered our argument. it really broke me down. i was crying so hard. like i froze and not noticing ppl wer praying over me. and im sorry! lol. but like in the 3rd talk, kuya geno said like why should we augue with our parents, the people who gave birth to us. It really made me realize how bless i am with loving parents.

so flight back. i was jus reflecting what i learned and thinking about my parents. and when ii got home. it was like 1 in the morning, and both of my parents wer there waiting for me. so i learned from conference is that God is love. and he blessed us with so many things and so many opportunities. And with girl, girl could wait. its all about God.

PS. true love wait.
sorry if its all disorganize.i was multitasking!



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