Hi! I’m gonna talk about my past life. My past life was a morbid experience for me because a lot of things happened to me when I was young. During my early years, I was really curious of a lot of things and I would try everything that people would do in everyday life. I tried smoking at a young age, I lost my favorite uncle, I got into a lot of fights, entered gangsters and fraternities, drinking beer and etc.

This all happened when I was young and it all started when my favorite uncle died. He was very dear to me. He was my buddy when he visits at my place. We would spend time together anytime and anywhere. But one day when I was at school, my mom came to my school and told me and my brother that he died. At first I didn’t believe that he died and when we went to his funeral I saw his coffin. It was a shock to me. I didn’t cry at first but in while my grandmother told me to wake him up and then I came to realize that he really died. My tears wouldn’t stop because I saw him lying down in that coffin knowing that my very best buddy died without telling me anything. I was torn apart and I started to hate God. I regretted praying to him.

After that event, I started to have a normal life again without having this mentality about God. But when I was 13, my parents forced me to join YFC because they are in CFC and I was like ok with it because it was me and my cousin joining at that camp. At first day, I met a lot of people and it was tiring first day because we had a very long talk. After that went to bed and I dreamt about my cousin. He showed himself in my dream. He told me “You shouldn’t blame God because it was my decision to leave you guys. And I’m also sorry that I didn’t say goodbye” after that he showed me all the memories that we had and it was very sad for me and I cried. When I woke up, my pillow was drenched because of my tears. After that I took YFC camp seriously.

After the YFC camp, I continued my normal life with a little knowledge about God. And I entered high school life. It was a shock to me because it was totally different experience for me. I entered the YFC club because I was forced by my sister to join and I was the well known youngest YFC member. But at that time, I was my sister’s shadow. I was only known because of my sister. They would call me Portia’s brother instead my name. I was inactive for a while and then a group of people invited me to their party and I said yes to them because it was a party. When I came to the party, it was not a typical party. It was a party where people would drink and smoke. They gave me a bottle of beer and a cigarette and I accepted it. I tried drinking the bear and it tasted so bad at first but I got hooked up by it. After that I joined their Gang and we would chill out everyday and waste our life. I would go with them everyday to go to a bar and drink and smoke. Sometimes we would go flirt with girls. Sometimes we would go out to find a fight or beat up someone just for fun. It was really fun for me because I feel the love of my gang and one day, our gang leader go beaten up and we were mad. We searched the gang who beat our leader but we couldn’t find them. After what happened, our gang leader got kicked out from school and then me and my gang got separated.

I was all alone now. I wasn’t needed in the YFC and my gang got separated. But someone told me to join this fraternity and I accepted it. When I came to the fraternity house, they told me that I have to undergo an initiation. They used a paddle to hit the back of my thighs. It hurts after that but it was worth it for me because it was a bigger group and it was well known. After a few days, someone from YFC came up to me and we had a one on one. It was awkward at first because it was a girl and it was something personal. But after that, I feel something new because I got to know this girl more and she gave me a good reason why I should leave my fraternity. The day after, I told my area head in my fraternity that I should quit and he told me that I have to go another initiation but I declined. I didn’t go to my fraternity’s meeting and hang out. And they just forgot about me. I started to join YFC meetings again and this time my sister already graduated and the YFC know for who I am now. I always go to their meeting and I felt like it was good because I felt the love of my friends in YFC and the love of God. I was thinking of my old self and I told my self that how I really compromised myself just to fit in with this bunch of people rather than knowing God’s love to me is incomparable to their love to me. And our YFC leader told me that they need a guitarist to play for their club and they told me that I should be the one. I was happy because I have another reason why I should be in YFC.

I served my first camp, I met a lot of people, and I feel more love from the YFC. Those experiences were so great and one day my dad told me that we’re moving to the U.S. because my mom found a way to live together in the U.S. I was so shocked because my life is completely stable and I have to start another life. I gave my goodbyes to my friends, teachers and relatives. During my last week here in the Philippines, my friends gave me cards and I was so happy because they gave me these cards but when they went home, I burned those cards because I don’t want to feel sad when I’m there in the U.S. the day when I left the Philippines, I remembered all of the things that I did here in the Philippines and it was fun. My life was a thrill because a lot of things happened and I’m still here in one piece. When I came here in the U.S. it was cold and I had no one to talk with. I’ve missed my relatives and friends in the Philippines. I would call them everyday so that I can talk to them. My mom knew that we were lonely and we had no one to talk with, so she introduced some people from YFC here in U.S. I talked to some of them and then they told me to join one of their meetings and I said ok. At that moment, I was thinking of my YFC friends back in the Philippines. At the meeting, I was disappointed because it was not the same back in the Philippines. I keep on telling my self that my YFC back in the Philippines was better. And after that I didn’t go to their following meetings. I didn’t do anything at all. I was a loner at school. I had only a few friends in school. I would call my friends at the Philippines.

One day something happened, a split happened in CFC. I really didn’t care because it was only in the U.S. happened. So after that, my dad told me to play the guitar during the 1st meeting of YFC after the split. I was saying no to my dad because it’s still useless but I ended up playing. When I got there in the meeting, it was only eight people there. No one was there. I felt that the YFC is just gonna end up disappearing. But after that meeting, I bonded with them and I got to know them more. I got to jam with some of them. It changed my point of view. After a few weeks, a guy told me to join their meeting for upcoming YFC camp and I was surprised because I was a new member to them and I’m already serving a camp. We talked and talked, we got to bond more and I started to know them more. I was starting to feel loved again. The day where camp started, I met a lot of people already. I got to talk to them. I really felt that I was loved because they didn’t mind who I was or how I look especially how I talk because I was a Fob. During the camp, there was a lot of crying and stuff like that but one thing I notice is that I see Christ in them. And I was thinking comparing the YFC back there in the Philippines and the YFC here in U.S. and I notice that in this community here in the U.S. it’s not only being a friend but also being a family to them, being their brother, kuya or manong. And I believe that God have blessed me with this community. And I also think that the split and me being here in the U.S. was part of God’s plan. And I also feel that I experienced those problems in life so that I could tell them not to do the same mistake that I did.

This is how God showed me the right road, the road that I didn’t take when I was young. I am sharing this to you not because to make you feel bad for me or to show your pity for me but to let you know that your not the only one who experienced the problems that you are experiencing and also to let you know how God could show himself not only face to face but through someone else. You might not know that the God might be using the people around you or maybe God is using me to show you how God loves you. If you say that this is my entire problem, no. this is only few of the many problems that I have encountered. It’s not too late; it’s never been too late to change like I did.


From a loving brother/kuya/manong

Jhonas Moldez a.k.a Fez



("A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. 35By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.")

-John 13:34-35


Hey everyone this is Clarisa, call me Clar if you'd like. I'm fourteen and I'm going to be a freshman this coming September. In a few days, the 18th, it will be my third month in the cfc youth community. Conference in Jacksonville was my first conference I've attended. I'm glad this was my first conference because members of youth that went to conferences prior this one, said it was their best conference they've been to.
Anywho, I'm getting into the important school years of my life, so my goal for the summer is finding who I really am. I'm realizing that I'm starting to know my surroundings and such. I'm also in the stage where I don't want or need a boyfriend, I know a boyfriend won't get me through life. I'm realizing who I am, and who I am is not who I want to be. I noticed that before conference I've been having problems with friends. I'm the kind of girl that likes to joke around, but I can also take them seriously after a while and it would ruin my relation with the person. I'd worry so much about that person and I could find my love for them to grow more and more, but I couldn't share my love with them because we were in a fight or something that would make us isolated from each other. So yeah, since the theme was 'love' I expected this to help me and like to help me know if I'm hurting someone or not. This being my first conference, other than that, I really didn't know what to expect. All I knew was it was about love and I'd be learning about God's love for one. I was really excited for it though.
As we were driving from state to state, each time we got closer to Florida, my heart started pounding. Oh man, but when we got closer to the college, wow. For some reason that I didn't know, I was scared, but as I stepped into the dorms and saw people I knew, I was fine. So my experience during conference was straight up amazing. Although there was a lot of walking, I didn't mind because I always looked foward to the new day. Everything about it was great. Meeting new people, talks, worship, etc. just meant so much to me. To see a whole room full of different age ranges praising God, it was really just beautiful for my eyes to see. I could relate my joking around problem with a sharer, as those words came out of their mouth, all I could think about was that person that I hurt, they were actually a few seats away from me. During adoration, I really just thought about what I learned throughout those days, how much God loved me, how I could pass on the love, how thankful I am to have people who love so greatly, and all those things. I prayed for the ones I loved and thanked God for everyone in my life. I really felt his presence, I could feel him holding my hands and I was staring at his picture that was on the projector and I could see him turning to me and smiling. At that moment I was just thankful for everything, I couldn't help but smile and give him my thanks. Again during adoration, I was really thinking about everything that has happened to me and I was thinking of all that I have, the loving family, friends, and all things that make me smile. I started crying a lot, because before I was involved in the community, I've done some pretty dumb things that made me think I didn't deserve all the love I have. So I'm very thankful for all I have and I know that I shouldn't take things and like not take it to the best and waste it. When Gino was talking about parents and how they brought us into this world and like how they love us and we shouldn't debate with them because for our whole lives, they'll continue to love us no matter what. Also, when he was talking about obeying your parents and doing things right away, I'm starting to do things for them right away without talking back. So the minutes after conference was officially done, I took the time to talk to the people I met because I wouldn't see them until next conference. Tough, right ? So when we were really leave, I was going by car and most of the other youth from New Jersey was flying and I wouldn't be able to see some people because they lived in different parts of New Jersey, I really tried showing my appreciation to them because this whole experience got me closer to them and I love being with them. Then when I finally got to the person that I hurt, I saw that he was having fun with other youth members, that person finally turned to me and their face just grew dull, but as we hugged I really felt that there was hope for our friendship and it was a great feeling of renewal.
So during the car ride home, I really thought about what I learned and how I was going to take it out to my friends and family and to the world. Again, I'm obeying my parents and siblings now. I'm really trying to control myself and trying to show my love and appreciation to others around me. I'm taking back God's love. I knew that he loved me before, but now I see really how much he loves me and when the time is right where he'll give me a challenge, I'll take what I learned and use it in my best ability. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for this wonderful experience. ♥

PS: first sharing ! so happy[:


Sooo.this is raubel aka pogz. i really think i should change my nickname to something more realistic. right? haha i think about it more. so if some of you guys don't know me, im 17 and im going to be a senior this coming school year. I've been in this community for a while, maybe like 4 years? i was in camp word is bond! And florida conference was my 4th conference. MAN i feel old. im start all my paragraphs with "so" because i'm cool like that.

so anyways the week before conference was so long and difficult. I've been going through friend and family problems. I've been noticing that i've been a person that i wouldn't wanna be. I've been hurting people with jokes i sometimes OD.I've been praying so hard how to become a better brother to the CFC youth and to other people. And also to my family, especially my parents. A few days before i was going to go to florida, me and my parents had a little fight. And i hate fighting with my parents. But then we became cool. i forgot what we were fighting about. and i have problems with girls, i keep on geting rejected! not really geting rejected but like, ther all going away with other dudes!. but anyways. not like u ppl care right.hahaha

already in love-passion. thats song is what im going though haha. be anyways, back to business.

soo hours before going to florida, i was thinking about what i was going to deal with during conference. this year, i wanted to be focus and actually take something back. so the whole conference was fun, meeting new ppl, seeing old friends, talks, fellowship and worship.They were all great. And i love the theme love. and i see in new jersey, how much love we have with one another. We're a big family. And i love that feeling. I couldn't feel that love before. In my 4 years of being in this community, this is my favorite year and my favorite conference. This conference was very different for me for some reason. I think it was because of you guys. on how close we are. do you feel the love, cause i do.haha but on the real. i love you guys so much. you guys are the reason i go to these yfc meetings. You guys give me hope. And we're so coool! but anyways saturday night worship was crazy. It was like my first time ever crying mad hard. yes, i said it. i CRIED. haha. but on the real that night was a wake up call. during worship, all i was thinking about was my parents.and it made me cry so much because i just remembered our argument. it really broke me down. i was crying so hard. like i froze and not noticing ppl wer praying over me. and im sorry! lol. but like in the 3rd talk, kuya geno said like why should we augue with our parents, the people who gave birth to us. It really made me realize how bless i am with loving parents.

so flight back. i was jus reflecting what i learned and thinking about my parents. and when ii got home. it was like 1 in the morning, and both of my parents wer there waiting for me. so i learned from conference is that God is love. and he blessed us with so many things and so many opportunities. And with girl, girl could wait. its all about God.

PS. true love wait.
sorry if its all disorganize.i was multitasking!



Hi, my name is Reine Fabian (you pronounce it Rain). Iʼm fourteen years old and I live in Bergenfield, New Jersey. Iʼm currently a 7th grader in Roy W. Brown Middle School. I didnʼt get left back they didnʼt let me go to 2nd grade because I didnʼt finish the 1st grade in the Philippines, but I only had a week left. Well thatʼs o.k. because if I didnʼt get left back I wouldnʼt have made some great friends like Andre Demonteverde, John Gaylan, and a lot more. (Godʼs plan for me) I live with my Mom, Dad, my brother Rence Fabian, and my baby brother Kyle Fabian. My brothers and I fight a lot, but I still love them very much. I also love my parents very much. Iʼm active in school, sometimes I donʼt do my homework so I get worried how my day is going to turn out. Iʼm trying to do my homework everyday though. I do chorus in St. Johns Youth Choir and CFC/YFC. Iʼm trying to be more active outside of school so next year I might join the drama club. I like to cook, draw, skateboard (little bit), playing video games, and designing.

About camp the person that told me about it was Andre Demonteverde. He told me that it was for the weekend, in a mansion, and that it was going to get very intense. I didnʼt believe him about the camp getting intense. I was wrong. On the first day I thought it was just an ordinary camp to meet new people and be friends with those new people. On the Saturday the skit that was about the seven sins almost got me crying. I thought about all the people I hurt and all the people that hurt me. Writing those names made me cry. Also picturing God in front of me made me cry. When I had to write the letter to my parents I started crying again. I donʼt remember the letter since I forgot.

The songs that taught us were very moving. I couldnʼt resist singing to the songs. After each session I felt myself getting closer to God. The sessions had their own message and lessons. I got to bless the meal and it was very nervous for me because it was my first time blessing the food. I thought I could have done a better job. When I got my one on one with Kuya John I thought that I could talk to him about anything and that I could really open up to him. He was like could go to talk about anything, but as I found out I could to any of the service team leaders and talk about my problem.

At the last day we had one more session. We also had to talk about what we learned in camp. I was the second one to go, but when I got up I wasnʼt that nervous. I remember that I willingly went up to talk about what I learned. After everyone said what they learned it was time for pictures. The brothers went up the stairs with our chant. After the pictures we had to pack up to go home. I didnʼt want to leave because I was going to miss everyone. All in all the CFC/YFC camp was very spiritual, emotional, and very fun.

Camp Let Go, Let God

~Let the teachings guide you, let God guide you, and may the angels watch over you. ~God Bless To All of You~
Reine Fabian
P.S. I love all the people I met. Pray for Anna that she has a safe trip and has a good life in the Philippines. I Love You Anna!


Hi, my name is Andre Demonteverde. I'm a fourteen year old teen in Bergenfield, New Jersey. I'm currently going to Roy W. Brown Middle School as an 8th grader. I have two sisters that are in college in Austrailia and Phillippines, so I'm living with my parents. I'm ery active outside of school as a choir boy in St. John's Youth Choir, altar server, BHS drama club, SBS ballroom, CFC/YFC, plus a little performing. I also enjoy cooking, singing, dancing, yelling, drawing, designing, and K-pop and other Korean stuff like Super Junior, FIGHTING!

So about CFC, it really helped a lot. When Godwin and Vanessa first told me about the camp for CFC, I first thought woah I get to meet people and get away from my parents, nice! But, when iI finally got to the camp at October I realized that it's not all about getting away, but a way to help us get closer with God. On that Saturday, the skit on the seven sins got me to think so much, all the pain I gave and recieve. The other one was that we need to write to our parents ow we really feel. I could remember my letter exactly how I wrote it and how wet it was because of my tears.

But after on our break, I got closer with the other participants and got closer with my discussion group leader Matt Reyes on our one on one. Then that night, we were praying for the Holy Spirit. Matt was praying over me. I closed my eyes so tight praying. But while i was praying, I saw something i have wished for my whole life. I saw my grandmother that had past away when I was very young right there next to me praying with Matt on the other side and God right in front of me. I had wished for seeing my grandmother again, but I don't recall praying to see her. I saw her praying and drying my tears. When i went up stairs, I knew it was time for a change in me. I once was the spoiled, annoying, untrustworthy kid. But, I have been changed for the best and to get closer with God.

So on the last day of camp, we were getting called up to speak about our changes and what we went through. I was called up second and I was beggin not to because I get really nervous and freeze when I do public speaking. But when i was given the mic, it felt so different, because of the camp I can now speak with no fear, but I still can't sing the best i can in a crowd. As i was talking, I couldn't to help but cry. It was such a big change and it helped me a lot, and i just hope everyone else would go through it too.

Now, the camp from February 1-3, I was visiting since i knew almost all of them. It was a Saturday and Gabe, Nadia, and I came five hours early, so we had to wait for their break. They all came out crying, I don't blame them. When they walked out I knew they were already changing. I love all of them and I couldn't help but treat them like they looked so cute like " AWH YOU GUYS IT'S OK!" Then it was getting dark, so I was called as a prayer warrioir with Gabe and Nadia. Upstairs was where I saw my grandmother again. Then, we were to asked to share with the other warriors and i never thought I could say so much. Kuya Mickey and Gabe was there next to me comforting me while I cried.

When it was time to go down stairs, everyone was in tears again. When we sang our last song, I have never felt so much feeling and spirit there was. Finally, there was the talent show of course. I was singing More Than Words with Nikki Edilor and lipsyncing with A.C., Nadia, and John. Everyone did a great job and it was so fun. Especially the JERSEY BOYS! So on Sunday I was stuck at home, I got phone calls from the people from camp and I heard Nikki talked about me and I was amazed that anyone would ever include me in a speech or anything.

Also, a little more about myself, I have a weird skill of seeing spirits or what ever you call it. Plus Nikki and I get these dreams of almost anything and most of the time its either something weird like holding a big ball and hitting a target or something about the future. Truthfully, I think it's te Holy Spirit of Vision and Prophecy, but it's just a guess. But in the other hand, this CFC/YFC group helped me a lot and I would like to thank you for reading my very long entry. I hope those who are not in CFC/YFC are inspired to come join as well

~May the Angels Watch Over You Forever And God's Blessings Guide You~

 Andre Demonteverde

I Love You Camp Yoooouuuu & Let Go, Let God


Let me tell you a little about myself before I go on about camp. I am a fourteen year old girl who is in eight grade. Dancing is a passion for me and singing and playing sports are other hobbies I enjoy. I am in my school band, and I play the flute. I am active in my church community with the youth choirs, CCD, gathering events, and alter serving. I have a loving family with my parents and an older brother, so you can say I am the baby. So I think that’s enough information you should know about me and I’ll start to talk about camp Let go, Let God.

When I got invited to CFC-Youth camp, I thought it would just be like a hanging out camping trip. With other teenagers and without your parents, that had fun written all over it. Instead, it turned out to be something better. When I first walked into those doors to the camp, I felt something warm cover me. I met new sisters and brothers, I became more outgoing, and most of all my relationship with God grew.
The service team was so nice and comforting that I could tell them anything about me and they would understand. Their discussions and my discussion group made me emotional and mostly brought tears of joy. When we sang the worship songs I felt like we were all one and we were strong, and we did have fun with games where we had to work together.

Going to a camp with teenagers that can feel the same way you do and that has problems too, makes you feel like you’re not alone. CFC-Youth teaches you that God will always forgive you and that he will always be with you. Everything you do is mostly God's plan, but all you have to do is make the right choises.

So now after the camp, I bless every meal I have, even if it is just a yogurt cup and I pray to God every moment I am alone with him. Temptations of the old person I use to be still come but I have my brothers and sisters to help me out. Since I am now apart of CFC-Youth I decided I want to be active and be apart of bringing joy to other teens just like the service team did for me.

God bless,
Christine Alvarez
P.S. I love my brothers and sisters, and pray for Anna so she can start her new life in the Philippines well.


This past weekend,February 1-3,2008, there was a youth camp that had taken place in south jersey. In all, 17 participants had participated in the weekend camp,as well as 10 service team members. What I had experienced that weekend was so amazing. God has truely worked through all of us that weekend. That monday after the camp, i still felt that energy created over the weekend. Personally I didn't want the camp to end, and neither did the participants. From the first night they spent together, till the last afternoon where they shared their experiences, they got closer and closer to each other.

At first, the participants weren't as pumped up as we say. But I wouldn't blame them, mostly because it is their first time going to a youth camp and meeting new people there. But overtime, they started to be more friendly with everyone and started to develop bonds with each other. And by the time Sunday afternoon came, they didn't want to become seperated from each other.

During the reflections and most of the  activities, I can see and hear the participants,especially the sisters, cry as they think about how God as done a lot of things for them and realizing that they don't do the right things to show their love back. But even though they have shown how negativively they have been, they have learned about the positive things that God has given them, like learning about God's love and his plan for them.

This camp couldn't have been done without the service team with the help of the parent coordinators. Being one of the people on the service team, I know we have worked hard on showing these participants about what God wants them to learn. From the day of the mock camp till the last Sunday afternoon, the service team has stuck together through thick and thin. God's love and mercy has flowed through us throughout the whole weekend while he guides us as the service team does their talks and sharings. The love became as great as it can on Saturday night during a service team meeting. What happened in their was so undescribeable that got so many chills from giving my all to God. One of the sisters in their had told me that she had saw God in her mind as we had gone through our worship. From that I can tell that God was truely there in our presence blessing each and every one of us and just molding our hearts so that it can become like his. Overall, I'm just blessed that this service team as stuck together to tell God's word to these participants.

Just to end all of this, I want everybody who is reading this to know that God can truely make things happen if you do believe that it can. I also want to say that if there is any participant, or even anyone in general, to just continue to become that man or woman of God, and to not afraid to show that you are in the real world.

God Bless
Godwin Cajes,Service Team Member,
Team Winky-Winky


Welcome to the new CFC Youth NJ web page site! This is where you find out everything that's going down in the garden state. You can find everything from upcoming events, to news from around the community, and different videos and pictures from different events that took place. Let me just say something about myself just to start off.
    So, where should i start? I'm 14 years old, which means I'm a freshman. I go to school at Bergenfield High School in North Jersey. I've been in the community for almost 3 years (yes that is a long time). I'm part of the music ministry as a singer and we play for most of the meetings and the camps.

    About two or three years ago, like i said, I was introduced into the community. Ever since I've grown so much with God's love. But somethimes i feel like sometimes i don't feel that growth because of the way that I act outside of the community. Other than that, I keep my faith with God.

Well, I don't know anything else to talk about, even though that little paragraph about my faith was short. Oh well.

God Bless,


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